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Zoo is public place where we can see a lot of animal and the variety of plants. We can also study and have fun. But,remember that there are certain signs that we should pay attention in order not to be lost or attacked by animals.

before we start watching animals,make sure that we have seen the map which is usually attached at the gate. Follow the arrow mark given to show us the right direction. When we read, "Do Not Feed !" it means we are really not allowed to give any food to the animals. It is because they may reach our hands or the animals can only eat kind of food. If we find "Keep Distance", It means that we have to stay away or not stand too close to the animals. The animals may be so wild that they are dangerous for us.

1. Paragraph one tell us about...?
a. things we can find in the zoo.
b. the signs we can find in the zoo.
c. the definition of a zoo.
d. zoo has more animals and plants.

2. What will we see in the zoo ? we see.....
a. Animals.
b. Plants.
c. Some signs.
d. All the answers are right.

3. The signs at a zoo are used to...
a. make a visitors lost.
b. helps the visitors for proper destination.
c. make the visitors easier finding places.
d. disturb the visitors in walking around.

4. We are forbidden to give any food to the animals.
it is shown by the sign of......

a. do not enter..!
b. do not feed..!
c. no taking picture..!
d. keep the distance..!

5. We usually find the following warnings at the zoo, EXCEPT...
a. make dirt !
b. No taking picture !
c. No feeding !
d. Keep distance !

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